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The Vibe is a Rhythmic Practice

The Vibe is a Rhythmic Practice

somatosensory exercises, rhythmic classroom interventions, mindful regulation techniques

In the Vibe, we practice a series of rhythmic exercises. We use drums, our feet, our hands, our breath, our bodies, our voice, our surroundings, anything. We all become drummers as we practice these exercises at home, in a class or a drum circle. Some people use Vibe exercises and take Vibe Sessions as a fun brain break, as a special class, to meditate, to learn & study, to get ready for the day or to get ready for bed. The possibilities are pretty endless.

on simple idea, endless possibilities

The Vibe Project is in Development

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Lesson Builder

If you have participated in a Vibe Drum Circle or Vibe Demonstration, you may remember a call and response lesson. Our lesson builder is a feature you can use to create call and response lessons for use in the classroom or at home.

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a simple idea, endless possibilities